Jonathan Cottrell at Welcome Chicken and Donuts

#yesPHX Founder + PHX Startup Week Chairman

At the heart of every successful city is an ecosystem powered by thriving businesses. Businesses with dedicated people who are generating momentum and creating opportunities for others. And at the center of that success are leaders working hard every day to push forward towards a vision we all wish to see. Well, Phoenix is changing for the better, something we've known now for years. And it's due to the tireless efforts of leaders collaborating together to bring change.

Jonathan Cottrell is one of those collaborative city leaders that are helping to make things happen. For the past several years he has been a prominent figure in the valley and has helped redefine who we are and what we can be.

When he began #yesphx many moons ago, he started it as a platform to help support the efforts of local entrepreneurs. Now, those humble beginnings have turned into a rallying cry that has united the entire startup community. And if anyone knows the needs of the startup community it's definitely Jonathan, who has spent nearly a decade as a serial entrepreneur. He has also played an intricate role in bringing mass visibility to our city through various events and initiatives such as helping to bring the first PHX Startup Week in 2015.

Still, with all the accolades, Jonathan is as humble, down to earth, and accessible as they come. And it takes a certain kind of individual to make oneself available to everyone, even if they are complete strangers. If you look on Jonathan's website, this is exactly what he has done by providing direct access through his email and phone number to offer guidance to fellow entrepreneurs. This is truly a generous man who is leading by example to try and make Phoenix known as the most generous community for entrepreneurs. If you have a startup or you're thinking about getting into that space, be sure to take Jonathan up on his offer and use him as a resource.

Learn more about Jonathan here.



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